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2024.6.12 (WED) 20:00 START

Pre-order our new collection.
Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury with our high-quality,
sporty yet effortlessly hype pieces, designed to elevate your daily life and style.

  • 1BLOCK is Japan’s first digital fashion and web3 creative studio and it's physical fashion brand is "I got your back". It is operated by 1SEC inc., a virtual reality company based in L.A. and Tokyo, that specializes in AI and 3D virtual human technology development: namely digital fashion products and 3DCG avatars that can be utilized in the Metaverse. "I got your back". This phrase best conveys the philosophy behind 1BLOCK's MetaSamurai collection and it's community. Along with the NFT projects, this physical brand is another branch extending from the philosophy; it's luxury daily wear products will strengthen the bond in the community and help cultivate a new culture.